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How many degrees of hot water should tea be brewed with?

The optimal water temperature for brewing tea varies depending on the type of tea. In general, it is recommended to use the following temperatures:

  • Green tea: approx. 75-80°C
  • White tea: approx. 75-80°C
  • Yellow tea: approx. 80-85°C
  • Oolong tea: approx. 85-90°C
  • Black tea: approx. 90-100°C

When making green tea, it is important to ensure that the water is not too hot, as this can burn the tea and give it a bitter taste. A simple way to achieve the right water temperature is to allow the water to cool for a few minutes after boiling before pouring the tea.

It should be noted that the recommended water temperature is only a guide and your own taste experience is decisive. You can always try and adjust the water temperature or infusion time until you get the taste you want.

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