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Tibetan butter tea

Tibetan butter tea has a long history and is an essential part of Tibetan culture. It is traditionally made from black tea, butter, salt and sometimes toasted grain flour. These ingredients are cooked together and then stirred vigorously to create a creamy and rich mixture.

Butter tea originally emerged out of a need to support the nomadic lifestyle of Tibetans. The cold and harsh environment required a nutritious and energy-rich source that warmed the body while providing sufficient calories.

Preparing Tibetan butter tea is an art in itself. It takes patience and care to find the right balance between ingredients. First, the black tea is boiled and mixed with butter, salt and sometimes roasted flour. This mixture is then shaken vigorously in a special vessel, the "Drepa", until a homogeneous consistency is achieved.

The taste of Tibetan butter tea is unique and may not be for everyone. It is rich, creamy and slightly salty with a slightly bitter note of black tea. The combination of butter and salt gives the tea a warm and soothing quality that is perfect for the cold Tibetan winters.

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