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Classica, tea can 60g

Classica, tea can 60g


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Classica porcelain socket box

Discover the elegance and functionality of our tea cans Classica made of porcelain with bamboo lid. This beautifully designed tea can combines high -quality materials and an appealing aesthetics to improve your tea enjoyment.
The tea can is made of fine porcelain, which is known for its smooth surface and durability. It offers the ideal environment to keep your tea fresh and aromatic. The porcelain protects the tea from light, moisture and unwanted smells so that you can always enjoy the full taste and aroma of your favorite tea.
The bamboo lid not only gives the tea can a natural and environmentally friendly touch, but also ensures airtight closure. Thanks to the lid, your tea remains perfectly closed and fresh for a long time. The bamboo lid has an integrated silicone seal that ensures that neither air nor moisture penetrate and impair the quality of the tea.
The Classica tea can is also a decorative element for your kitchen or tea. The combination of white or black porcelain and the warm bamboo lid gives it a timeless elegance that enhances every room.

The tea can made of porcelain with bamboo lid is not only practical, but also easy to clean. Both the porcelain and the bamboo lid can be wiped off to remove dust or tea deposits. You can also wash the can by hand to clean them thoroughly and prepare them for the next tea enjoyment.
With this beautiful tank of porcelain with bamboo lid, you can keep your tea in a stylish and protected manner. She is a perfect gift for tea lovers and a great addition to your tea collection. Enjoy every sip tea with this elegant and functional tea can.

Product description

Porcelain with bamboo lid


Volume in grams: approx. 50-70

Material: porcelain

Specification: 60g, round, diameter 80 mm, height 85 mm

Determined: no

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